Thy Flesh Consumed – Unrepentant

Despite of being together since 2001 and ‘Unrepentant’ being their fourth official full-length, I’ve never heard of Canada’s Thy Flesh Consumed before. Truth, their prior albums were released by an unknown and small label called CDN Records, but I’m sure that their rather insipid old-school approach to death-metal didn’t help them gain a larger exposure either.
The band fits in adequately alongside classic death-metal bands such as Morbid Angel, Angelcorpse and Acheron, yet unfortunately Thy Flesh Consumed doesn’t escape the pitfalls of predictability and blandness that most bands nowadays attempting to recreate that old and brusque aura of death metal fall into. They stick to most of the known clichés of the genre, the production is raw and somewhat murky, blast beats abound, the riffing is bafflingly fast and overly samey and the vocalizations alternate between deep guttural roars and a raspy tone. Yet what throws me off the most on ‘Unrepentant’ is that things happen at a relentless and savage speed and rarely vacillate for one tiny second throughout the entire album’s duration, making it damn hard to distinguish one song from the other. It becomes tiring pretty quickly and only makes me want to push the skip forward button in search for some interesting and surprising idea to pump up.
I'd surely recommend Unrepentant to any enthusiasts of devastatingly brutal and uncompromising old-school death metal, but for everyone else seeking a little more variety and spice it has a pretty low appeal.

David Alexandre

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