Margin of Error - What You Are About to Witness

Apparently this Ohio-based trio started their career in 2005 as an electronic/industrial-metal hybrid, clearly not something that you could tell by listening to their second album “What You Are About to Witness”, where the band seems to have learnt the deathcore basics pretty well. Despite the change of styles, the band’s sound still shows some traces of their past, specially the guitar riffs which have a slightly mechanical and industrial ring about them, kinda like Whitechapel crossed with someone like later-era Prong or Fear Factory.
Essentially “What You Are About to Witness” consists of crunchy and mechanical riffs, triggered double-bass drums, ultra-low bass lines, muscular breakdowns and gut-churning growls that sound utterly piercing most of the times. The songs are generally well structured straddling between bursts of intense vitriol and fury (“The Shape of Hate”, “Cut the Throat” and “Where I Reside”) and more mid-paced offensives peppered with lots of chugging and some electronic patches (“Your Life in Playback” and the title theme). The whole thing is monstrously fierce and a bit better than a sizeable number of comparable albums, mostly due to their refined song writing skills and their reluctance to resort to cheap clich├ęs.
Although “What You Are About to Witness” is not earth shattering groundbreaking, it certainly shows enough potential for us to gladly give Margin of Error further listens. (7/10)

David Alexandre

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For fans of: Whitechapel, Impending Doom, Divine Heresy

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  1. This cd is really solid. I think the band is building towards something big. Curious to see what is next for these guys because they always suprise me in the best wways!!!