Monsterworks – The God Album

“The God Album” comes recommended for fans of Strapping Young Lad and Judas Priest and in a way I see where the press release is getting at. UK’s Monsterworks do have an eclectic sonority incorporating a vast array of influences, amongst them the industrialized thrash of SYL and Judas Priest’s most AOR material, but I seriously doubt fans of such two distinct acts will sink their teeth to “The God Album” with maniacal appetite.
See, aside from some Halford-type wails and some traditional-metal soloing, there’s precious few here to please the common Priest fan, and as for the SYL influences they only come to the fore when the four-piece burst into relentless sonic brawls, but that only happens a few times throughout the album’s length. Then, there are occasions when Monsterworks delve into prog-rock, putting down their Les Pauls and switch to acoustic guitars to deliver some poignant melodies that sound like a cross of Wishbone Ash with Jethro Tull. It’s almost as if the band suffers from bipolarity syndrome, with one side willing to churn out some fierce and punishing songs and the other one revealing a penchant for gentle and progressive overtones. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since I think that part of the record’s strength lies precisely in the fact that no two tracks are alike. Yet although all this eclecticism is pretty admirable and encouraging, I feel that “The God Album” is missing something, perhaps a more compelling song writing that could really set them apart from the myriad of average and plain competent releases that come out every month.
Still, if you’re in search of musical artists playing by their own rules without being tied down to one specific genre or sub-genre, then Monsterworks could be a good match for your needs. (5.8/10)

David Alexandre

For fans of: Biomechanical, Strapping Young Lad