Pale Chalice - Afflicting the Dichotomy of Tepid Creation

Looking at the increasing number of U.S. black-metal bands determined to out-raw and out-grim their European counterparts crawling out the sewers and other holes within American soil during the last few years, I’d say the style has definitely conquered America.
Add San Francisco’s Pale Chalice to the U.S. black-metal cannon, even though their furious and harsh onslaughts are more in tow with European standards than with acts like Wolves in the Throne Room, Krallice and Natchmystium. It’s bands like Watain, Nifelheim and Carpathian Forest that "Afflicting the Dichotomy of Tepid Creation" reminds me the most, partially due to their traditional and straightforward approach to the style, eschewing any subtleties and partially due to the bile-gargling vocals. Pale Chalice’s churn out a harsh and grim black-metal sound that shifts between a furious bludgeon and a morbid crawl and would make the Inner Circle proud.
In short, while "Afflicting the Dichotomy of Tepid Creation" is not wholly unoriginal, Pale Chalice are merely preaching to the converted, respecting the most quintessential rules of the style with firm belief. Something that BM cultists will fondly appreciate. (6.2/10)

David Alexandre

Label info:
For fans of: Watain, Mayhem, Nifelheim, Carpathian Forest