Volturyon - Coordinated Mutilation

VOLTURYON have just released their newest album, Coordinated Mutilation, and it is most certainly a solid heavy metal record. To me, this album represents the classic parent hating heavy metal that we all have grown to love – from the album cover, to the music, to the lyrics. In my opinion, a defining factor for much of heavy metal is that it is disapproved by and not understood by most people, and this album, I feel, fits right in.
To start things off, VOLTURYON have decided to send mothers screaming at the mere sight of their gore incrusted album cover which consists of a blood-soaked psycho butcher chainsawing off the legs of a person with blood spattered all around the room. What else could you ask for? Maybe it’s because I unfortunately just got done listening to one of the worst albums I have ever had to listen to and I am in desperate need of a true heavy metal fix – and I seem to have found it.
I have seen many album covers not match the music inside, but VOLTURYON have managed to avoid this by creating music that is a great soundtrack to having ones legs cut off. Due to the nature of the gore and heaviness, these guys will get instant comparisons to CANNIBAL CORPSE and SIX FEET UNDER, but by no means are they a replica or rip off band. Granted they do have their similarities in the guttural vocals, gore filled lyrics, and overall dark heaviness, but these guys certainly can stand on their own.
They start the album off with “Bloodsoaked Solution” which really sets the pace with very aggressive guitar riffs matched by pummeling drums and evil baby eating vocals to go along. The band doesn’t give you the chance to catch your breath as they continue to slam your brains with songs like “Savage Gluttony” and “Eight Corners of Slaughter”. All of these songs, along with the whole album, have great heavy metal guitar riffing that will instantly make you bang your head.
“Abide Under Eminence” is probably my favorite track from the album as it encompasses the heavy brutality of the whole album perfectly while also throwing in some cool lead guitar parts. Without being progressive, I would say this song has slight elements of progression that seem to fit very well into the bands musical style.
I’m really digging what these Swedes have conjured up on their newest release, Coordinated Mutilation. They certainly are not pulling any punches or trying to trick anyone. If you see their cover, you know what the music will sound like – if you hear the music, you know what the cover will look like. This is just some good old fashioned death metal that focuses on gore, blood, and guts. VOLTURYON certainly have similar sounding elements of some of their contemporaries, but by no means are they a copy. If you want to simply break your neck, get freakishly turned on by blood and gore, piss your parents off, or just hear some straight to the point metal, this new album by VOLTURYON will certainly fit the bill. (8/10)

Devin Walsh

For fans of: Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Torture Division