ZaSKaE - Chikara

Zaskae are an interesting band. Their latest offering, Chikara, is an epic, grinding beast. With five songs totaling just over three minutes, it doesn't take to long to listen to this shorty. I say that followed by this: I have listened to this album on repeat for about two days now.
Right off, Zaskae (Pronounce Saska) remind me of bands like Noisear mixed with the raw aggression of bands like early Napalm Death with hints of straight up hardcore punk thrown in the mix. Put all of these things together and you have a recipe for a thunderous sound. From the first seconds of "Yoku Irasshaimashita" you can tell this band is no joke. They are pissed off, grinding madmen.
The longest track, "Ikari" reminds me of a Wormrot track sans the vocals. The vocals are very lo-fi and fall a little underneath the rest of the music, but it does not, in any way, take away from the overall intensity that Zaskae bring to the table. While the par has been set high with the recent grindcore flux, I believe that Zaskae have earned their spot next to names like Noisear, Rotten Sound and Wormrot.
These guys are mind blowing and I hope you guys also enjoy them. Bravo, dudes. (9/10)

Ross Gnarly

Band info:
For fans of: Noisear, Wormrot, Napalm Death

Download the album for free here.