Bios - There Was A Halo On Your Head

A couple of years ago, "There Was A Halo On Your Head" would have sounded a lot more interesting and surprising to me than it is now. See, this Greek quartet plays a sort of metalcore style that has long been considered tiresome and oversaturated, without offering the necessary individual and outstanding traits that could distinguish them from the slew of similar acts. This EP presents the typical blend of aggressive and chugging riffs with sporadic pit-friendly breakdowns and the standard death growls punctuated by melodic clean vocals.
Stylistically, I can detect elements of everyone from Unearth (the aggressive rhythmic punch), to Heaven Shall Burn (stuttering riff chugs) and As I Lay Dying (the dichotomy between abrasive sounds and melody) scattered thorough these five songs. It all sounds quite familiar to me and to tell you the truth simply to average to make a lasting impression. Not that Bios are bad at what they do, they do seem determined and competent, but the lack of a more adventurous and downright nasty song-writing just leaves me a little underwhelmed. (5/10)

For fans of: Unearth, Heaven Shall Burn, As I Lay Dying