Pariso - Sooner Insignificant Better

Blatantly abrasive and in your face, the third album from London’s Pariso seethes with the same brutal anguish of acts like Converge and Botch just in a scant 12 minutes.
Throughout a short seven tracks, Pariso batter their instruments with demented intensity as if they were just a few seconds away from cracking and setting the studio aflame, offering a blend of caustic and discordant riffs, grinding rhythms and vocals that spout real and suffering desperation.
“Sooner Insignificant Better” opens with a sludgy intro that sets a trail for the raging “Solitude” to burst forth, which despite having a mournful title offers a caustic sound that bridges the gap between Converge and Daughters. Following tracks keep up with such aural beat-down, whether in the throat gripping urgency of songs like “Birds” and “House of Squalor” or in the more rhythmically engaging and more piercing-than-broken-glass songs like “Fevered Egos” and “Mystifier”.
The only disappointment is that it only lasts for a brief 12 minutes, but then again perhaps our fragile bodies could not survive a more prolonged and severe beating. (7/10)

David Alexandre

Band info:
For fans of: Converge, Botch, Daughters, Throats