We Are the Damned – Holy Beast

At the beginning of 2009, Portugal’s We Are the Damned looked like they were facing lean times. Just when the band was preparing to enter the recording studio to tape their sophomore work, charismatic and powerful vocalist Sofia Loureiro left the group due to professional reasons, prompting a sudden line-up change with guitarist Ricardo Correia assuming the vocalizations and recruiting Ricardo Cabrita from Satan’s Revolver for the guitar duties.
Though I was completely enthralled by the savage intent of their first record “The Shape of Hell to Come” and the fearsome growls of that tiny little vocalist, I cannot say that this record “Holy Beast” suffers from the loss of Sofia Loureiro. Even at its worst, “Holy Beast” sounds harder, more vicious and deadly than previous record and Ricardo Correia proves to be an equally nasty and savage vocalist.
Combining that sick buzzsaw guitar tone ripped straight from the Sunlight-era Swedish death-metal ala Entombed with the raw intensity of d-beat hardcore of acts like Disfear, We Are The Damned’s second album is a relentless and severe mauling to the tympani. From the album’s gripping start with the skull-crushing “Serpent” to its epic finish with the cryptic and groovy “Lucifer VIP”, the trio never ceases from kicking your sorry ass, unleashing furious and bone-chilling riffs in spades.
For that, “Holy Beast” deserves all the attention from metal, hardcore and punk fans. (8.2/10)

David Alexandre

For fans of: Trap Them, Entombed, Black Breath