Sonne Adam - Transformation

That Century Media recognized the potential in this Israel act pretty much says that Sonne Adam must be doing something right ‘cause it’s not everyday that we witness a strong record label the size of Century Media signing an underground death metal act from the Middle East no one has heard of before.
Sonne Adam’s debut full-length release is a creepy and sinister journey into the world of old-school death and doom with the band taking cues from the early works of acts like Paradise Lost, Asphyx and Morbid Angel, without actually mimicking anyone in particular.
Even tough opening song ‘We Who Worship the Black” would suggest that the Israeli duo is merely and wholeheartedly clinging to the evil horns of Morbid Angel, the following themes reveal that they also share some space with acts like Paradise Lost and Asphyx, fully committed in recreating an aura of despair and doom. The tunes are constructed out of that thick, crawling and dark riffage that defined classic genre albums like “Lost Paradise” and “The Rack”. Tracks like "I Sing His Words" and “Take Me Back to Where I Belong” clearly show Sonne Adam favouring colossal and monolithic riffs plodding along at a moribund crawl, while the bellowing of Dahan sounds extremely low and creepy, like a demon murmuring from a deep cavern.
Sonne Adam has also arranged some interesting orchestrations in songs like the title track, the aforementioned “Take Me Back to Where I Belong” and “Through Our Eyes Hate Will Shine”, which although not overly apparent, do add a chilling and truly malevolent feel to the songs.
Enthusiasts of old school extreme metal should definitely check out “Transformation”, but people requiring more dynamism and inventiveness from their death and doom acts should look elsewhere. (7.4/10)

David Alexandre

For fans of: Morbid Angel, Asphyx, Nader Sadek