Bastard Priest - Ghouls of the Endless Night

There’s no shortage of old-school death metal lately, and with bands like Entrails and Mr. Death emulating the corrosive sound of Sunlight death metal with surprising results, it’s also nice to listen to a band like Sweden’s Bastard Priest, whose Entombed-styled riffs are combined with a punk/crust twist that for the most part sounds utterly vile.
“Ghouls of the Endless Night” captures the na├»ve and primitive vibe of the early 90’s Swedish death metal perfectly, without trying to alter it or updated it any way. It’s brutal and straight ahead, delivering vicious riffs and furious drumming with incessant savagery, plus the raw sounding production of former Dismember drummer Fred Estby really emphasis the old-school vibe of the record quite well.
Of course, it’s nowhere near the brilliance of the leaders of the whole old-school brigade, but hey Bastard Priest probably don’t care about that, as they're obviously genuine followers of the style and sound like they’re having a blast here. (6.5/10)

Byrant Thomas

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