Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline

As a long time Lacuna Coil fan, I have been looking forward to this album since its announcement. This excitement was tampered however, with a bit of trepidation as I wasn’t a huge fan off their previous album Shallow Life. This trepidation was unfounded however as for me this sees Lacuna Coil back at their best, and may be their best album yet.
Listening through it seems like they have expanded their sound, now encompassing influences from other popular female fronted bands such as Within Temptation and the Annette fronted Nightwish whilst still putting their own darker twist on the music.
Christina is on top form with her vocals as always with her soaring melodies cutting right through and providing a very enjoyable listen. This is also the best I’ve heard Andrea, with his vocals taking a larger part in this album. The band had mentioned that this album was going be heavier and darker than their previous efforts and they weren’t wrong, this is definitely the heaviest I have ever heard them and they do this much better than their lighter songs.
My favourite songs are “Kill the Light” and their cover of REM’s “Losing my Religion”. These songs showcase Lacuna Coil’s extreme talent; especially the latter as they have taken a good rock song and have made it into something that is entirely something darker and heavily put their own twist on it.
This is a brilliant album with very few flaws, I would recommend it to everyone. (9/10)

James Merrett