Night In Gales - Five Scars

When “Five Scars”, Night in Gales first album in 10 years, kicks in, you do wonder if you’re listening to a metal album here, or if it is the start of a weird classical album as the first track has only orchestration, no vocals no guitars or drums, just classical music. However once the second track “This Neon Grave” kicks in, you’re left with no doubt as to if you’re listening to a metal album. You are and you’re in for a break-neck ride.
Night in Gales claim to be melodic Death metal, but some of their music has more in theme with Metalcore heavyweights Atreyu and Killswitch Engage. Even so much so as I kept on picking out similarities to Atreyu’s classic album “The Curse”. Whilst no bad thing as I love The Curse, it feels like they’ve slightly missed their target demographic with it, and with ten years’ worth of catching up to do, this could be a crucial mistake.
This is by no means a bad album, and it mixes classical instrumentation along with metal brilliantly, which provides a nice change. The music seems more like Atreyu meets Cradle of Filth meets In Flames. Not a bad mix, but one that doesn’t flow brilliantly.
When this album started up I really wanted to love it after the beautiful intro, but everything became too generic and I could start spotting similarities to other albums that I already liked.
Stand out tracks include “The Tides of November“and “The Days of the Mute” but they weren’t enough to help move this album above mediocrity for me.
This is an album for fans only I’m afraid. (6/10)

James Merrett