Huntress - Spell Eater

Huntress has been getting a lot of hype lately, this has primarily been due to singer Jill Janus who's display of cleavage in the bands video for the song "Eight of Swords" had hundreds of headbangers frothing at the mouth.
While cleavage is good at all, the question is, is Huntress any good? In a word yes. the band play old-school heavy metal similar to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest except with a female singer. Don't go into this thinking Jill is going to sound all sweet and sugary like Delain or Lacuna Coil. Nope.
Instead I hear lots of Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford: This is old school metal with old school vocals. Add in that the band has a penchant for songs about magic and conjuring and this is one damn good album. Check it out! (7.5/10) 


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