Wizards of Kaos - Wizards of Kaos

Wizards of Kaos have been extensively described as "stoner rock" in the various publications and sites that I've seen review this album. I can sort of understand why:The guitars are fuzzed out much of the time and the album art looks like someone on an acid bender drew it.
However the stoner rock tag is not exactly accurate. I hear a lot more than just stoner rock here with shades of traditional heavy metal and even Motley Crue, I swear the opening 15 seconds of "Down From the Skies" is lifted straight from "Girls, Girls, Girls".
Even vocalist Dan Shevey sounds like a cross between Ozzy and Vince Neil.
The songs are quite tight and I can see the band going quite far in their career at some point if they get the proper promotional push. However at 13 songs the album is a bit too long and a couple of the songs such as "The Great Shadow" feel tacked on. Overall however "Wizards of Kaos" is a solid album. (7/10)