In Solitude – Sister | Review

So many modern albums polished to perfection to the point where all the life is sucked out of them. In Solitude are a band unafraid of bucking that trend. Instead, Sister oozes a charismatic, retro vibe that makes it sound like a lost treasure from the 70s and what a treasure it is.

With Sister, we are witnessing a band in full stride having paved their way with two reputation-cementing full length releases in In Solitude and The World. The Flesh. The Devil.

“He Comes” has to be one of the most intriguing and enjoyable album openers of the year, as brooding acoustics build with a demented undertone which slowly climbs to an insatiable climax. That climax comes in the form of “Death Knows Where” and it hits you head on. It is a massive song. Driven by a monolithic riff and capped by a fantastic chorus, it screams classic the instant it hits your ears.

Guitarist Niklas Lindstrom’s solos across the album are beautifully reminiscent of a young Tony Iommi, the kind that straddles the blues with a distinctly evil flavour. They are one of the many highlights in an album which is arguably their strongest to date.

Every track on here has something not quite right about it in some weird way. Consequently, it creates a really chilling atmosphere that encapsulates the doom rock vibe perfectly. On Sister, frontman Pelle Ahram sounds almost disturbed as he hollows out an emphatic vocal performance.

More still, this isn’t an album that is top heavy. Not by a long stretch. “Inmost Nigredo” provides a stunning finale. Its swaying, romantic beginning, as if mirroring a classic horror film soon takes a dark and twisted turn. This time however, it is for the better. A punching riff soon unleashes itself on you and demands an attention you are more than willing to give. Topped off with another mighty vocal performance, skin-curdling lead guitar and an encapsulating rhythm section, it leaves you with mouth agape.

If you like your music with a nasty, villainous snarl and if you like songs that sound like horror films, then Sister is for you.

Phil Weller

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