Pet The Preacher - The Cave & the Sunlight | Review

Beautiful, bold, serene and stridently impassioned doom rock with a tip to the past and a nod to the future: That is what we get with Pet The Preacher's second full-length album The Cave & The Sunlight. It doesn't take complex calculations and bubbling test tubes to discover the musical roots and atoms that make up the appearance of the Copenhagen three-piece’s sound, the menace of Black Sabbath, the stonerism of Kyuss and the raw, unkempt sonics of 70s garage rock a-la The Groundhogs and Mountain.

"The Cave" opens with an instantly accessible and infectious melody line that is soon complimented by deep, soulful vocals, with the bass playing the role of the intriguing centre piece to the surrounding musicality. It's a brief flurry that sweeps you gently into the album proper.

The next thing you know you’re getting pummelled by a much more gritty, provoking riff powered by an innate sense of rhythmic power on "Let Your Dragon Fly". Christian Madsen’s vocal style is here reminiscent of Deliverance-era Corrosion of Conformity, rumbling, gravel-throated and just the right side of nasty.

Under a burning sun, exposed to our planet’s elements in glorious weather, this record is a perfect accompaniment. Tracks like the wonderful "Kamikaze Night", with its almost tribal drumming and the drops into stoner heaven with slow, crunching riffs that proceeds the earlier movements, are perfect examples of just that.

"Fire Baby" packs a great grooving riff, tailored for banging heads and The Pig & The Haunted built around another great riff, and some really memorable harmonic phrasing, are both huge highlights. Complete by stoner-friendly interludes and a great vocal performance from Madsen where his COC influence is once more pleasingly prevalent, the latter sees the album maintaining a high level of consistency as it progresses.

One look at the track listing and you will see that they aren't contempt with going out with anything other than a bang. "The Web", at 8:39, sees them doing so in cracking style; mean, brooding slide guitar the thrilling coup de grace.

Pet The Preacher take you on a journey with The Cave & the Sunlight. With each track flowing seamlessly into the next, there’s no time to let up, instead keeping you enthralled throughout. The 70s vibes may resonate from this band’ nostalgic core throughout, but it’s crisp, modern structure adds yet more potency to the package.

This is a very imaginative release from the Danes. Their eagle eyed vision for dynamic shifts, mood changes and seismic crescendos is a thing to behold and as the summer beckons, The Cave & the Sunlight earns a timely place in your summer playlists.

Phil Weller

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