Amorphis - Silent Waters

Once again Amorphis have opted to delve into “Kalevala”, the Finnish national epic to draw inspiration for their eight album, “Silent Waters”, the follow up to their return to form work “Eclipse”, which marked a new beginning for the band with debutant singer Tomi Joutsen, whose difficult task to fill in the shoes of the departed Pasi Koskinen have proven to be easier than initially expected. The Sinisthra vocalist with his dynamic and powerful voice have sparked a renewed enthusiasm within the rest of the group to channel their ability to do what they do best, first and foremost, melodic Metal. “Silent Waters” essentially picks up where its predecessor left off thought it has better and stronger songs perfectly balanced between reflecting on the past and looking into the future. Fans of Amorphis should have little to complain about, as the band brought all the key elements that made albums like “Elegy” and “Tuonela” so great, the folk acoustic guitars, progressive rhythms, piano melodies, amazing and memorable riffs and the interplay between clean and guttural vocalisations. Opener “Weaving the Incantation” is perhaps the heaviest song Amorphis have written in the last few years, with its hard pounding rhythm, high-fuelled and chiming guitars of Esa Holopainen and Tomi Koivusaari and deep death growls only barred by a clean sung, memorable chorus. “A Servant” follows next in similar style filled with great guitar hooks and gruff vocals that brings to mind “Tales from the Thousand Lakes”. The piano-driven single “Silent Waters” is one of the softer themes gathered here with Joutsen crooning in a quasi-lullaby manner. Things do tend to slow down to a more relaxed pace at the second half of the album, giving room to folk acoustic guitars as in “Enigma” and “Shaman”, but overall “Silent Waters” is a strong, heavy and simultaneously melodic Metal record with great care invested in the arrangements. Amorphis never sounded so focused and so in control as now, the songs have class written all over them. (8/10)

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