Blackwinds - Flesh Inferno

For the unacquainted, Blackwinds is a Swedish Black-Metal project comprised of members of Setherial, namely Lord Mysteriis and Lord Kraath and “Flesh Inferno” is actually their second full-length effort following an obscure release called “Origin” on Nightmare Productions.
While some will feel tempted to point out the similarities between Blackwinds and Setherial for the obvious reasons, there’s actually precious little in common with their main occupation to be found here. None of these songs speed up to Setherial stakes since Blackwinds opt for a more mid-paced crunch akin to Swedish mates Watain and Dissection to allow an extra gloomy and grim atmosphere to settle in. Lord Mysteriis have also kept the riffs fairly catchy and uncomplicated, also employing the use of keyboards on several occasions to increase the dynamics and add more depth and interest to these songs, while Lord Kraath provides the usual vitriolic and filthy vocalisations. As a result the majority of the themes on the album are pretty straightforward, precisely executed and with a disturbingly dark atmosphere. I’m not sure if it’s particularly innovative or original, but is definitely a worthwhile listening. (7/10)

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