Dark Fortress - Eidolon

If you like Black Metal best with relentless blast-beats, chaotic riffs and grim vocalisations and a raw to the bone production, “Eidolon” might not be exactly for you.
See, German Black-Metal sextet doesn’t stick to a formula like many bands embracing the dark path religiously do. Don’t perceive it as a criticism though, because while Dark Fortress’s take on Black Metal is by no means a novelty in its approach, it’s nevertheless a sophisticated, developed and interesting work that will certainly garner the attention of those who place some value on diversity.
Stylistically, “Eidolon” vacillates somewhere between the straightforward aggression of the later period of Satyricon and the melodic anthems of Dimmu Borgir, all spiced up by a dark and gloomy atmosphere. Second theme “Cohorror” certainly brings to mind the conjunction of the renowned qualities of these two Norse bands. Skilfully crafted, it sees the band ease the tempo a tad to blend catchy, dissonant riffs with acoustic guitars, corrosive vocalisations and tenebrous keyboards.
Following next is “Baphomet”, a song featuring guest vocals by Tom Gabriel Fischer from Celtic Frost, which starts with a Satyricon-alike-vibe and towards its end transcends into a Death-Metal viciousness somehow reminiscent of Morbid Angel.
New vocalist Morean, who replaced the departed Azathoth following the release of their previous album “Séance” last year, has proven perfectly adequate to the job, complementing the dark, sinister aura of the band with his caustic voice.
It should be pointed out that “Eidolon” has a lyrical concept that revolves around a Greek concept of an astral double of a living being or a “mirror”. I dare say far more interesting than those stories about Satan, long walks through the woods, desecrating churches and other oh so evil subjects. (7/10)

Band info: thetruedarkfortress.com
Label info: www.centurymedia.com