Dark The Suns - In Darkness Comes Beauty

Those with a penchant for emotional Death-Metal relying heavily on keyboard melodies should listen to Dark The Suns debut album “In Darkness Comes Beauty”, its morose and desperate moods conjure up images of a desolate autumn being overshadowed by a forlorn, shivering winter.
A couple years back, everyone was putting out albums that sounded like this one, which consequently reached a point of saturation and most of them were instantly dismissed as boring or plain derivative. Dark The Suns however don’t deserve to be overlooked simply because they’ve opted to stick behind a genre they believe to be their own since “In Darkness Comes Beauty” is a very respectable and enjoyable record that doesn’t default to the style’s clich├ęs, i.e. female vocalisations, pompous melodies, violins, etc.

It brings to mind the mid-period of Germany’s Crematory and bands of their ilk like Godgory and Yearning, where synthesizers play an important role in shaping and adding substance to the songs. Themes like “Reflections” and “A Darkness To Drown In” are good examples, with the keyboard melodies leading in a leisurely pace along with nicely crafted riffs and a sorrowful vocal performance from Mikko Ojala that alternates between a soft-whispered tone and deep growls. Although, the end result may not quite be in the same league as the aforementioned bands just yet, it definitely shows much promise.
It’s not long before the band establishes an identity and a niche of their own, so write down the name Dark The Suns in your agenda. (6/10)

Band info: www.darkthesuns.com
Label info: www.firebox.fi