Divine Heresy - Bleed the Fifth

After rumbling through Columbian cartels and Mexican strip clubs with wanted criminals Brujeria for an undefined period of time, Dino Cazares finally emerges from some dubious hideout to unleash a new project called Divine Heresy, which is just as challenging and compelling as Cazares previous band, Fear Factory.
Comparisons to the creators of the grandiose “Demanufacture” are inevitable, given the influence the guitarist had in the creation of their futuristic, man vs. machine sound and are true to some extent as the mechanized and down-tuned riffs which was one of Fear Factory’s trademarks have been recaptured to meticulously build these ten killer songs. However, it has to be said that “Bleed the Fifth” doesn’t merely revolves around Fear Factory tactics, it shows a precise, testosterone-fuelled Thrash attack often verging on Death-Metal ferocity, a style the guitarist never really attempted at such level of intensity with Fear Factory. The title track for example, exhibits a guitar work somehow akin to Morbid Angel viciousness, with Cazares also throwing in an Azagthoth-styled solo (a novelty as well!!) and hyper-speed drumming courtesy of Tim Yeung, formerly of Hate Eternal and Vital Remains. The high calibre drummer with his remarkable footwork on the double bass, certainly had an influence in the way Cazares lend these songs a harder, heavier edge, the advantage of having such a talented skinsman could not simply be neglected. Another staggering performance can be attributed to newcomer Tommy Cummings, whose versatile voice adapts to the various demands of the music with consummate skill. There’s a lot variety displayed here and the man can shout and scream on angrier moments and melodically sing in a Burton C. Bell kind of way on quieter ones, very impressive.
Another note worthy of mention is Logan Madder’s production, which is great and makes sure you can hear everything, without sacrificing the heaviness of the instruments. Well, just like Tommy Cummings shouts on the third theme, THIS THREAT IS FUCKING REAL! (7/10)

Band info: www.myspace.com/divineheresyband
Label info: www.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk