Enemy Of The Sun - Shadows

After months off dabbling with his Gothic Metal project Eyes of Eden, renowned German producer Waldemar Sorychta returns to the routes of Thrash-Metal with a new band called Enemy of the Sun.
It has to be pointed out that Enemy of the Sun’s debut album “Shadows”, with the exception of a few nuances, essentially picks up where Sorychta previous group Grip Inc. left off with their swansong work “Incorporated”, a Thrash-Metal attack balanced between groovy melodies and a controlled aggression. And just like the later works of Grip Inc. it suffers from the same faults, an over processed and polished sound that never reaches the unleashed violence of let’s say Slayer or Exodus. If you get yourself a Pit-Bull or a Bull-Terrier to guard your place you expect more than just showing off the teeth at intruders, don’t you? Well, I felt betrayed upon listening to “Shadows” ‘cause sincerely I was expecting a lot more from a band with such pedigree.
Rounded out by Jules Näveri of Misery Inc. on vocals, Alla Fedynitch formerly of Pain on bass and Daniel Zeman on drums, Enemy of the Sun never really deliver the goods the press-release promised and their experienced hinted.
I mean, besides being an excellent producer Waldemar Sorychta is also a great guitarist, who can crank out some creative and strong riffs at times, but tends to loose his focus very frequently as his progressive and middle east influences doesn’t always gel with his harder inclinations. Since this time around the guitar player didn’t had someone with the stature of a Dave Lombardo or a Gus Chambers to restrain all the weird musical ideas flowing around from ending on the final tape, “Shadows” is brimmed with awful attempts at blending the outer-space-metal of Strapping Young Lad, the Middle Eastern chords of System of a Down and the melodic sensibilities of Faith No More all in one pot. (3/10)

Band info: www.enemyofthesun.com
Label info: www.massacre-records.de