Hermano - Into The Exam Room

www.hermanorocks.com, that’s the World Wide Web address of US Rock and Spanish named band Hermano, greatly recognised for being fronted by former Kyuss vocalist John Garcia. The vital contribution the Arizona-born singer has made to Rock music, in its hard-sludgy variant is difficult to value, having granted many classical albums with his unmistakable and passionate voice. So, any band featuring that VOICE is impossible not to rock and “Into The Exam Room”, Hermano’s third full-length album definitely ROCKS, in big capital letters.
Initially touted as a side-project since all of its members had other, bigger bands all scattered throughout different locations of the US, Hermano soon developed into a full recording and touring band that overcome the geographical difficulties by turning the benefits of modern technology in their favour. Amazing, how an album recorded in four different locations separated by hundreds of kilometres (KM??? I’m European remember?) sounds so fluidly natural and spontaneous like it was built with the whole band jamming in a tiny basement. Just listen to the mammoth-sized riffs and general grooving vibe of “Kentucky”, “Exam Room” and “Left Side Bleeding” to witness how remarkable the chemistry between them is.
One of most cherished characteristics of “Into The Exam Room” is how memorable these songs seem to be. A mere few listens suffices for these well-crafted guitar riffs and seductive melodies to permeate all your neurons for a very long time. At least I have been humming the refrain of "Out of Key, But in the Mood" for days now, it carries out a catchy melody that Josh Homme could have written for Queens Of The Stone Age.
Other standout tracks include the acoustic, bluesy-flavoured “Dark Horse II” and "Hard Working Wall", a song that brings to mind a Soundgarden circa-“Badmotorfinger” jamming with Ian Astbury from The Cult.
Woefully neglected in the past, mostly due to the scarce releases made available throughout their ten year history, “Into The Exam Room” will certainly secure them a more privileged position in the music scene, I bet my left testicle on it. (8/10)

Band info: www.hermanorocks.com
Label info: www.suburban.nl