Kingdom of Sorrow - Kingdom of Sorrow

The long announced collaboration between Hatebreed’s vocalist Jamey Jasta and Crowbar’s driving force Kirk Windstein is finally here and it holds barely any surprises given that it sounds exactly like a well crafted project between members of the two bands. “Kingdom of Sorrow” is essentially what you get when the straightforward Hardcore aggression of Hatebreed is mixed with the Southern power-groove of Crowbar, a sound not too distant in style and approach from Windstein’s other super-project, Down. “With Unspoken Words” and “Screaming Into The Sky” for instance could perfectly be featured on Down’s latest work “Over The Under”, as the riffs stroll at a similar laidback-Southern-groovy pace so characteristically of the New Orleans group and where Jamey’s voice adopts the gnarled tone of Phil Anselmo’s most introspective moments. Elsewhere, the guitar riffs of Windstein pack a more muscular strength, like Mike Tyson on steroids throwing punches left and right with intent to inflict as much damage as possible and Jamey vocals returning to a full-on Hardcore style.
It’s nothing overly original or groundbreaking it must be stated, just an unpretentious, heavy and intense collection of Metal/Hardcore songs done by two old friends with common interests. That’s basically it. (6/10)

Band info: myspace/kingdomofsorrow
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