Machinae Supremacy - Overworld

Apparently there’s a new style of music called SID-Metal, which according to some research made through the internet it’s based around the sounds of a SIDSTATION, built with the 8-bit sound chip SID of old Commodore 64 computers.
Self proclaimed as the founders of SID-Metal, Swedish act Machinae Supremacy have produced an album that, call it whatever they want, it’s utterly irritating and boring.
Imagine if you will, some cheesy electronic sounds lifted from old video games clued to a mediocre Poppy-Power Metal framework with a vocal performance that veers from an annoying cartoon character to that Mika fellow. If this awful mixture sounds appealing to you, chances are you live in Japan, play a lot of Arcade games, watch a lot of Manga cartoons and listen to favourite bands like Metallica, Pink Cream 69, No Doubt and Aqua. “Overworld” will surely break big in Japan as I can’t envisage any other country than the land of eccentric video games and technological gadgets to bear this type of atrocity.
Did I mentioned the Swedes have also covered Britney Spears “Gimme More” theme, as if there weren’t already too many reasons to mock Machinae Supremacy, we still have the opportunity to listen to a full grown adult singing “gimme, gimme, gimme more…”. Gosh, it’s worst than Japanese karaoke. (2/10)

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  1. The suckiest "review" I have ever seen.

    Nobody comments/reads this stuff really, we you keep going on?

    And do some research to understand stuff before you go mock 'em.

    Meanwhile you can continue to live in your own close-minded world.

  2. I think the review is pretty soft, Machinae Supremacy are awful.
    Don’t need to be an expert to recognise horse turd, it stinks miles away.

  3. Machinae Supremacy are a decent band an will hopefully go far despite bad reviews from elitist webzine`s

  4. Elitist!
    Absolutely, we only like trve and raw-to-the-bone metal, nothing of that wimpy stuff with queer electro sounds. Now seriously folks, it’s just one opinion why all the drama.
    Besides no one reads this shit anyway!