Machinery - The Passing

“The Passing” is the second full-length work from Stockholm’s quintet Machinery and the accompanying press-release clearly states it showcases a perfect blend of various styles like Heavy, Death, Thrash and Black Metal that should appeal to fans of Nevermore, Scar Symmetry and Communic. Although the first part of such statement is slightly misleading since there’s hardly anything resembling Black or Thrash Metal to be found throughout these nine songs, there’s accuracy to its second part as Machinery for the most entire length of “The Passing” circles around traditional and melodic Metal areas that will certainly please Nevermore and Communic devotees. However, I have to admit “The Passing” cannot be narrowed to one particular style or genre ‘cause even though tracks like “Cold”, “I Divine” and “Decide By Pain” suggest that they’re obvious admirers of Nevermore, other songs like “Reason Is The Truth”, “Delirium In Vengeance” and the title theme sees other influences permeating their compositions like Swedish Death Metal, hence the Scar Symmetry connection. This dual personality of Machinery is perhaps the sole downside of “The Passing” since it lacks cohesion and gives the impression we’re listening to two entirely different bands. One of them exhibits a well-arranged Power/Heavy Metal hybrid with touches of Progressive music and an undeniable Power Metal singing with similar traits to Warrel Dane, while the other shows way heavier and harsher leanings with gruff and raspy vocals close to Death Metal.
Personally, I believe everything works best when Machinery nudges their way into those Power and Heavy Metal fields and hope that future recordings will see them leaning towards that direction. (6/10)

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