Mercenary - Architect of Lies

Denmark’s Mercenary have been making music for over a decade now, but somehow have failed to produce some really mesmerizing material that would see them earning the same amount of praise their Swedish counterparts in Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork et all have garnered these last few years. Unfortunately, things will hardly change with their fifth full-length work “Architect of Lies”, as it lacks that extra flair that prevents it from being seen as an essential purchase, exactly like its predecessors.
“Architect of Lies” essentially vacillates between the melodic leanings of Power and Progressive Metal and the contained aggression of Swedish Death Metal, Gothenburg strain. A formula that although is executed with an amazing proficiency, it rarely detaches itself from boredom and uninspired terrains. With the exception of a few tracks like the opener “New Desire”, which could be described as an above average blend of upbeat rhythms and guitars/vocal harmonies with rougher riffs and gnarled vocalisations and the hard-hitting, Dream Theater-ish "This Black and Endless Never", the remaining songs don’t bite and hardly impress. It’s an ultra polished, bland sonority that has very few sparkling moments and is highly inappropriate for a band named Mercenary. (4/10)

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