The Red Death - Godmakers

The Red Death call New York City home, but their second full-length work “Godmakers” could easily mistake them for Swedes as it displays an obvious affection for the Swedish-styled Death Metal, more precisely At the Gates.
As soon as opening theme “Eternal Now” erupts from the speakers there are recognisable traits that place them among the countless North-American bands venturing towards the trail blazed by the Swedish veterans. It bears an abrasive and irascible ferocity similar to “Blinded by Fear” from “Slaughter of the Soul” with guitarists Aaron Conti and Mark Kelley churning out razor-sharp riffs that Martin Larsson and Anders Bj√∂rler could have written themselves. Not to mention the strong resemblance between Paul Hamblin’s screeching vocals and Tomas Lindberg corrosive style.
Despite their obvious debt to At the Gates, The Red Death had also made some gestures forward individuality by incorporating a well-measured Death Metal crunch akin to Malevolent Creation and Dying Fetus and songs such as “Godless” and “We Were Ghosts” are good examples of such thrilling collision between U.S. Death Metal’s brutal immediacy and Swedish twisting harmonies. “Godless” for instance starts with a rabid, vicious riffing imbued with a Gothenburg intricacy and midway towards its conclusion meanders into a catchy chug that brings to mind Dying Fetus most immediate moments.
Elsewhere, The Red Death continues to regurgitate the corrosive, memorable and highly influential work of At the Gates with such skill and devotion that is impossible to remain indifferent. Sure it’s derivative, but “Godmakers” in terms of song writing quality and musicianship could also rival with anything The Crown and Darkest Hour have produced so far. (7/10)

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