Samael - Solar Soul

Regarded by many as outsiders of the traditional and Scandinavian-influenced Black Metal scene of past and present, Swiss veterans Samael are back with a new full-length work called “Solar Soul”, which sees them recapturing the vigour and crunch that were so abundant in albums like “Ceremonies of Opposites” and “Passage”. Mostly due to the fact that “Solar Soul” is a more guitar-driven effort, whereas previous releases like the lacklustre “Reign Of Light” and the disappointing “Eternal” were based around uninspired electronic rhythms and uncanny Pop-flavoured atmospheres, especially “Eternal”, perhaps their “Cold Lake”.
With long time producer and friend Waldemar Sorychta sitting at the production helm once again, the quartet’s songwriting skills have regained a sense of focus and direction, ditching the overdone electro stuff in favour of the Vorph/Makro razor-sharp guitar attack and Xy’s incredibly smashing programmed beats, which along with Vorph’s raspid vocals constitute Samael’s true dark chakras.
“Solar Soul” features almost everything we’ve come to expect from a Samael album and let’s face it folks, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a winning formula! (6/10)

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