Sybreed - Antares

With a name like Sybreed and song titles like “Ego Bypass Generator”, “Neurodrive” and “Twelve Megatons Gravity” it would be fair to assume that this Swiss quartet is one of those bands who try to
emulate a futuristic sound in the vein of Fear Factory, but in fact it’s Soilwork who they really want to be. Sybreed even went as far as hiring the services of Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren to play on “Antares”, their second full-length album.
Throughout these eleven tracks, Sybreed come close to replicate the essence of their idols and made no efforts to disguise it, except some technical eccentricity typical of Meshuggah displayed occasionally. Opening track “Emma – 0”, for example veers into Meshuggah-style riffing before usurping one of those catchy and melodic chorus that Soilwork so wonderfully crafted on “Natural Born Chaos”. Add the contribution of semi-industrial synthesizers employed on the background to give the song a certain depth and you will get the overall picture of a formula that is more or less extended through the rest of the songs.
Sybreed are proficient players and “Antares” is technically above average and perfectly executed, but ultimately leaves the listener with the notion that it’s all been done a hundred times before. Taking into consideration that Soilwork have a fresh new record out, why bother with it when we can get a hold of the real thing! (4/10)

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