Time Has Come - White Fuzz

Time has come to experience one of the most bizarrely brutal sounds you’ll hear all year in the shape of “White Fuzz”. Truly a revelation, the debut full-length work from this German quartet sounds like a conjure effort between members of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Brutal Truth, Drowningman and Converge, a totally chaotic and explosive mixture of Math-Metal, Grind, Noise and Hardcore.
Just like The Dillinger Escape Plan’s “Calculating Infinity”, Time Has Come sonic convolutions don’t follow any particular song structures or patterns, instead these ten tracks are brimmed with odd time signatures, furious peaks and sharp curves performed in a completely disorderly, schizophrenic way. Take the ear-splitting intensity of opening theme “Keep Your Tongue From Evil” for example. The epileptic guitar work of Dennis Kayzer doesn’t grant you a pause for breath throughout six long minutes, during which vocalist Marcel Detels also blitz the microphone with a totally deranged attitude, screaming and growling indecipherable lyrics in a true Kevin Sharp style.
Over the course of the remaining 34 minutes, Time Has Come plunges into similar and inhospitable areas with the same kind of intensity and organic feel. Yep, don’t go thinking this sounds chaotic and complex for the sake of sounding chaotic and complex because it doesn’t. It all flows with an amazingly organic ease and that’s an extraordinaire feat. (8/10)

Band info: www.myspace.com/timehascome
Label info: www.regainrecords.com