Diablo - Icaros

The amount of Metal bands coming from Finland nowadays must be proportional to the amount of lakes existing in that country and although they are not exactly newcomers, this is my first contact with these Finns called Diablo. Voices coming from the north suggest that these gentlemen are quite known in their home country, with enormous sales figures and great support slots to big bands like Metallica, however I’d bet most you are also in plain dark.
“Icaros”, not being a phenomenal and innovative album, is a pleasant surprise that will certainly please fans of Sentenced and Am I Blood. Their capacity to cover distinct styles such as Heavy and Thrash Metal results in a diverse work, cleverly balanced between aggression and melody.
Try to imagine a less melancholic Sentenced with a more aggressive and straightforward approach or a dirtier and distorted Am I Blood and you’re close to having an idea of how Diablo sound like in their fifth full length album. Curiously, Sentenced and Am I Blood are two bands whose sonorities have strong influences from Metallica and Diablo do not escape the influence of the creators of “Masters of Puppets” either. Diablo’s effort to mix heavy and catchy riffs with epic melodies and a certain groove reminds of mid-period Metallica on some occasions, especially in the theme “Resign From Life”.
Elsewhere, “Icaros” is divided between aggressive and heavier moments like “Living Dead Superstar” and “Through Difficulties to Defeat” and more melodic and relaxed moments like “Chagrin” and “Into the Sea”.
For those who still mourn the demise of Sentenced, here’s a very interesting and entertaining alternative going by the name of Diablo.

Band info: www.diabloperkele.com
Label info: www.sakararecords.com