Mourning Beloveth - A Disease for the Ages

Ireland’s Mourning Beloveth are probably one of the most underrated bands of the Metal scene and the biggest impediment that confined their career to the restrict limits of the underground is attributed to their difficulty in securing a suitable house capable of giving the band a bigger and better projection. All the works of the quintet had been issued by different record labels so it was with some surprise that I noticed that the fourth album “A Disease for the Ages”, just like its predecessor “A Murderous Circus” bears the stamp of the German label Grau.
Perhaps it was such stability that allowed the group the chance to construct an album in all ways stronger and more captivating than “A Murderous Circus”, perhaps their least accomplished work to date. The recipe is the same, depressive and epic Doom-Metal, however “A Disease for the Ages” follows a similar path explored in “The Sullen Sulcus” with elaborated arrangements carried out by guitarists Frank and Brian, who constantly pour heavy and depressive riffs and melancholic melodies. As usual the cadence is slow and crawls at the rhythm of a funeral march and together with the growling and grieving performance of vocalist Darren it gives these five themes an atmosphere of desperation and desolation. The clean voice of guitar player Frank also deserves a mention since it adds a more classical touch to the sound of the band bringing to mind on some occasions bands like Solitude Aeturnus. The second song “Trace Decay” clearly enhances the contrast between the two diverse vocalizations and the results are splendid.
For those who yet haven’t had the chance to listen to Mourning Beloveth, the best reference points would be the initial steps of My Dying Bride and Anathema mixed with some classic Doom-Metal ala bands like Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus. “Primeval Rush” for instance, has the My Dying Bride influence displayed to the maximum, but not to the point of plagiarism.
“A Disease for the Ages” is a very interesting work that deserves all your attention, independently of your state of mind at the moment. (7/10)

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