The Living Fields signs with Candlelight Records.

Candlelight Records has recently announced the signing of multi-national Progressive Doom-Death group THE LIVING FIELDS. The trio, with members based in Chicago, London and Ottawa are currently working on the successor of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut, which is titled "Running Out Of Daylight" and is scheduled for release in early 2009.

Guitarist Jason Muxlow has issued the following comments regarding the signing with the UK label. "Candlelight has been very successful working with bands that defy convention. Their discography is filled with milestones. Their legacy undoubtedly speaks for itself and we're thrilled to be part of their future."

Originally formed in 2002 by Muxlow, The Living Fields have had their sound likened to that of My Dying Bride, November’s Doom and others. Together with vocalist Jon Higgs (also of Monsterworks) and drummer Chad Walls (Brodequin, Enter Self), Muxlow and The Living Fields explore a wide range of sounds and styles utilizing a palette of guitar, drums, bass, strings, piano, and spine-chilling vocals that will amaze fans and critics worldwide. "True epic metal of a most norm-shattering aspect," says Terrorizer of the band’s self-titled debut. “Mandatory,” adds Metal Maniacs.