Moonspell - Night Eternal

The re-recordings of their first EP “Under Satanae” last year could foresee that Moonspell would be inclined to return to their origins rooted in Black-Metal on their upcoming album “Night Eternal”, something that long standing fans who had lost some enthusiasm for the Portuguese band when they embraced Gothic sonorities on the releases following “Wolfheart” would definitely appreciate.
Well, those people disabused by the idea that Moonspell would eventually step back into their past should know that “Night Eternal” is essentially a record that incorporates all the well-known characteristics of their entire career. From the raw Black-Metal of their “Wolfheart” days reflected in songs like “Moon In Mercury” to the Gothic-Rock of albums like “Irreligious” and “Sin/Pecado” present in “Scorpion Flower”, all the paths the group have crossed throughout their existence are revisited here.
It’s an album replete with superb condiments, cleverly concise and focused and perfectly balanced between a thundering brutality and a gracious melodic elegance that reveals a greater emphasis on the guitar work. The riffs casted by guitarist Ricardo Amorim possess a fierce viciousness yet at the same are amazingly catchy and every now and then he indulges in some truly memorable leads that have a certain classic Heavy-Metal vibe.
Maintaining some creativity and artistic focus along with a mixture of good taste throughout eight albums is an extraordinary accomplishment and “Night Eternal” is without any doubts an excellent album, one of the best Moonspell ever made.

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