One-Way Mirror - One-Way Mirror

One-Way Mirror is a new project involving elements of well-known European groups like vocalist Guillaume Bideau from Mnemic, guitarists David and Franck Potvin from Lyzanxia/Phaze I, bassist Loïc Colin from Scarve and drummer Dirk Verbeuren from Soilwork. Their résumé is obviously quite impressive and promises tons of quality however, it remains to know if the songs composed by the French quintet really match their highly qualified credentials.
Unfortunately, I’m forced to admit the debut work of One-Way Mirror failed to meet my initial expectations since it doesn’t strike as an innovative or essential release and doesn’t even equals the calibre of their prime acts. Somehow I was disappointed to see the five-piece clearly and unashamedly moving towards a more commercial and clean direction than for instance Soilwork or Mnemic. It’s a very predictable and polished sonority geared for immediate consumption that will most certainly please all the fans of soundtracks to movies like “Resident Evil” and “Underworld”. Please imagine the Industrial/Pop-tinged Rock of Filter, the catchy groove of Disturbed and a dash of In Flames aggressiveness circa “Comes Clarity” all combined together and the result is darn close to the sound practised by One Way Mirror. Their convergence of Swedish and US influences discloses some potential singles that will certainly be received with opened arms by radio DJs like the opener “Destination Device. Their simple and repetitive riff structures merged with some electronic nuances are easily digested and Guillaume’s clean voice is highly catchy as well. The Filter-influenced “As You Are Now” and “Redream”, a song that smacks heavily of Spineshank are other good examples of such immediacy.
The band’s tendency to move away from this formula is extremely rare and only happens on themes like “Danger Calling” and “21ST Century”, which display a heavier and more aggressive approach.
Considering the calibre of the musicians involved, “One Way Mirror” leaves a lot to be desired and by the fifth track I feel an uncontrollable impulse to press the eject button and play something else. (5/10)

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