Textures - Silhouettes

It looks like these days any band that dares to venture into the labyrinths of extreme and technical Metal will inevitably sees its name associated with either Meshuggah or The Dillinger Escape Plan, perhaps the two leading acts of this musical genre. Holland’s sextet Textures are one of such bands whose sound always reflected influences from the Swedish group, however “Silhouettes” cannot be summarized as a Technical Metal work with influences from Meshuggah since it displays a more multifaceted sound than for example “Obzen”.
It’s true that in the past Textures were heavily influenced by the Swedes, however such connectivity with the creators of “Destroy, Erase, Improve” solely dissolved throughout their three releases and merged with other types of sonorities since “Silhouettes” already discloses a different and calmer approach with some songs venturing towards a territory close to Tool.
Although different, the complexity and aggressiveness evidenced in previous works are not compromised and “Silhouettes” packs more weight than a cross punch from Mike Tyson capable of leaving you completely disoriented, without definition of north.
It is precisely with such strength that Textures initiates “Silhouettes” with "Old Days, Born Anew” bursting through the speakers with full force and in a fast rhythm. Mathematical and devastating riffs are debited by guitarists Jochem Jacobs and Bart Hennephof, whereas vocalist Eric Kalsbeek unleashes his most furious side, only resting on the refrain with a cleaner and calmer delivery. Close to the end, the group opts to give a turn of almost 360 degrees, embracing a more progressive sonority with some Arabian ambiences.
The following theme “The Sun's Architect”, also demonstrates a great diversity, with furious rhythms mingled with calmer and introspective moments. “Awake”, the third song clears a bit away from such formula, perhaps being the most melodic and accessible song from the entire album, that unleashes a very angry rhythm for brief seconds close to its end.
With “Silhouettes”, the Dutch sextet do not fear to try out new and calmer directions like Prog-Rock, a sign showing that their confidence and maturity is now stronger and clearer than ever before. Third album is definitely the confirmation of an enormous band that belongs to the same league that their onetime mentors Meshuggah play in. (7,5/10)

Band info: www.texturesband.com
Label info: www.listenable.net