We Are The Damned - The Shape of Hell to Come

If it’s downright nasty and groove-filled riff franticness you crave for look no further than We Are The Damned’s “The Shape of Hell to Come” for this Portuguese four piece sound like a dangerous sonic cocktail Molotov made with all kinds of corrosive components like Punk, Rock, Metal and Hardcore.
We Are The Damned is allegedly a side project featuring members of some prominent Portuguese groups like Painstruck, Twentyinchburial and Blacksunrise, but nonetheless it should be mentioned that for a band formed just over a year ago “The Shape…” is nothing short of striking. Their experience really comes forth throughout these lethal and raging thirteen themes, bursting with groove and vitriolic aggressiveness.
There are bits and pieces that take us straight to the mid-period Entombed, I’m particularly reminded of “Too Ride Shoot Straight…” album, while other moments flutter back to the abrasive and straightforward Punk-Hardcore of Discharge. Opener “Hell is my Witness” for example definitely has a doom-paced intensity akin to Entombed’s more slower and corrosive moments, while “Miskatonic” flows with an enthralling Death ‘n’ Roll vibe close to their post-“Wolverine Blues” days like The Hope Conspiracy jamming with The Hellacopters. Meanwhile, “Thrill to Kill” is pure Punk in attitude and sting, displaying a more sludgy vibe towards its end. Massive, sludgy and rocking riffs are something that abounds aplenty in “The Nihilist”. Guitarist’s Ricardo Correia ability to morph all sorts of styles spanning from Punk to Death-Metal into a cohesive and menacing whole is truly remarkable. Worthy of mention is also female vocalist Sofia Loureiro, graduated from the Karyn Crisis caustic school, she posses a monstrous voice that would make Angela Gossow’s shrieks sound like a spoiled brat.
Bottom line, We Are The Damned is a great and crushing band that will surely appeal to anyone with a soft spot for bands like Entombed, Doomriders and Give Up The Ghost. (7.5/10)

Band info: www.myspace.com/wearethedamned
Label info: www.ragingplanet.web.pt