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Freshly signed to Metal Blade Records, Ohio’s The Crimson Armada stands out for carrying a positive and spiritual message through their lyrics that totally counterpoints their fierce and incredibly intense Death-Metal sonority. Although the group express their religious beliefs and a meaningful message through their songs, The Crimson Armada doesn’t quite fit the profile of a Christian Death-Metal act, the band’s message is far-more reaching than the concept of Christianity right?

“That is correct.” Answers guitarist Kyle Barrington, our interlocutor in agreement.

“We are not trying to reach out to one group or sect of people. We are trying to reach out to the world as a whole. Our message is not to force God, Positive lifestyle, or any of those things (and things relating to) on people. Our message is to show the world that WE as a group of friends and believers in God CAN play death-metal and still be considered religious and down to earth dudes. We want to reach out to those who have trouble in their lives and to those that are on a downward path looking for help. "God is the only one who chooses anything in this world, ultimately. You have free will and that was granted upon you, yet in the end it is Gods choice as to where each of us begins and where each of us ends".

The band’s recently released "Behold the Architect" EP for example begins with a few verses from The Qur’an, the religious texts of Islam. So who or what exactly influences The Crimson Armada to write about spiritual beliefs and globally positive topics?

“God and everyday life. Much of our lyrics are written on topics of bad habits (greed, etc) and on topics of spirituality. It all boils down to God, personal experiences, and the life we see everyday from others.”

"Behold the Architect", their debut EP recorded by Bobby Leonard at Paper Tiger Studios has garnered some enthusiastic reactions over the U.S., even grabbing the attention of super-sized record label Metal Blade, who eventually offered them a multi-album worldwide deal. Were you surprised when the A&R of Metal Blade approached the band with a record contract?

“Haha yes we were actually VERY surprise when that happened. Me (Kyle), Saud and Dan were all working at a doctor’s office and just decided to check the E-Mail and MySpace. Saud kept telling us not to do it because, honestly, we weren't supposed to be using the computers at work, but anyways, we checked the MySpace and got a message from a blank page with the name "Michael". Subject said Metal Blade Records and inside it said "Send a phone number we would like to talk". So we sent a phone number and about 10 minutes later got a phone call and just about pee'd ourselves haha. That's pretty much how it went down. Funny thing is... it wasn't even an A&R who came to us haha... it was the president of Metal Blade himself Michael Faley.”

The band will soon be recording their debut full-length entitled "Guardians" with producer Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, MyChildren MyBride, Burden of a Day, Take It Back). The record will feature all six songs of "Behold the Architect" EP, plus four new tracks. What can we expect from "Guardians", will the band alter any of the songs already available on the EP?

“You can expect a very spiritually influenced melodic, yet heavy record. It will be something different than what is in the metal of today and we are very happy with the way the music has turned out. The songs will be altered from BTA, yes. We will be making changes in each song from that EP that will blow "Behold the Architect" out of the water.”

What does the title of your upcoming album "Guardians" mean to The Crimson Armada from a spiritual point of view?

“The ones who protect us. The ones who keep us from getting into things that will ruin our lives. The ones who make us better as people and better as a society. The one who ultimately created us and the one who will end us. The believer, the follower, the wanderer, the ones looking for guidance. This record title is not just meant in a spiritual way... it is meant in a worldly way and can be related to anyone who has something or someone they know cares for them whether it be a mother, father, grandfather, God, brother, sister, and so on and so forth. It is meant for all of us.”

What are your expectations towards the future now that The Crimson Armada are signed to one of the biggest independent Metal labels capable of giving the band a widespread exposure and are set to release your debut full-length?

“We expect nothing. We hope and pray that this will be the right path for all of us, but if it isn't... so be it. If things happen in the future that benefit our career as musicians that would be absolutely amazing... and if they don't... well... that’s okay too. We are in this for the love of playing the music we create. We will never ever ever ever EVER stop doing what we are doing because of what is happening in music. We are who we are and who we always have been and we will continue to play the style of music we play, act the way we act, and be the people we are until the day music bids us farewell. We aren't fake. This is who we are. Our music is who we are. And our love for this is who we are.
Thank you so much for taking the time out to interview us and we want to give a special thanks to Metal Blade Records, Peavey Electronics, GHS Strings, and Saluda Cymbals for their continuous support of us. Also want to give a special thanks to everyone who supports us day in and day out and to everyone who has given us a chance. Our utmost thanks goes to our creator, God. Oh yeah... and to the haters out there!! You guys are awesome... seriously. God bless everyone!!”

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  1. HAHA! Thats amazing! I saw these guys at Scarlet and Grey Cafe like 4 years ago.