The Amenta - nOn

Themes of junkies, car crashes, slaves and prostitutes! This could be the plot of a new David Cronenberg screenplay but in fact are the lyrical themes The Amenta are dealing with on their second full-length work “nOn”. Musically, things are equally vicious, disturbing and extreme with the Australians emulating a boisterous, chaotic and corrosive music that would serve as the perfect soundtrack for David Lynch’s marginal movie “EraserHead” or the widely known “The Lost Highway”.
Although their debut work “Occasus” garnered several comparisons with the later period of Norwegians Dimmu Borgir and the more mechanical and industrial faction of the Black-Metal genre, “nOn’s” musical scope encloses far more diverse influences than just Symphonic Black-Metal. The Australians stretch their framework over other types of sonorities like Death-Metal, Industrial and Noise sounding like a stunning and precise blend between Morbid Angel, Red Harvest and Strapping Young Lad. The predominant atmosphere permeating the whole record is one of utter chaos and decay with guitarist EN constantly throwing precise and razor-sharp riffs among a ferociously fast and devastating wall of sound provided by the inhuman drumming of DE, better know as Dave Haley of Psycroptic. Add a truly caustic vocal performance courtesy of new vocalist RE and all sorts of intriguing and bizarre noises and we got one of the most extreme, raucous and cold music I’ve heard all year.

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