As Eden Burns - The Great Celestial Delusion

North American act As Eden Burns stroll through a genre that has long been deemed as over-populated and outdated, a brand of melodic Death-Metal highly influenced by Swedish masters At the Gates.
Don’t know about you, but I’ve lost count of the number of groups that have tried to emulate those “Slaughter of the Soul”-type riffs and the raspy shouts of Tomas Lindberg aeons ago, when it kind of reached a point where it seemed like cockroaches popping up from the shittiest restaurant you could imagine.
After a cautious listening, I must admit that As Eden Burns first full-length album “The Great Celestial Delusion” doesn’t quite rank among the best of At the Gates devotees but doesn’t fall into the worst of them either.
The song writing is averagely accomplished, with great melodic guitar leads interspersed between ferocious riffs being the most impressive aspect of the album, while the vocals, which veer between death metal growls and some caustic shouts and reveal a small The Black Dahlia Murder influence sound pretty generic.
“The Great Celestial Delusion” is basically 43 minutes of some punchy and melodic Death-Metal shaped by the finest Swedish moulds that unfortunately sound too formulaic and derivative for its own good.

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