Mystical Gate - Out of Control

I’m not sure what exactly means Brutal Mystic Mpressure Metal, but Russia’s Mystical Gate plays a brand of Death-Metal with some electronic and symphonic tendencies that occasionally brings to mind the Greeks Septic Flesh during their “Revolution DNA” days, which as some of you might agree was not a particularly fertile period for them. Well, “Out of Control” sees Mystical Gate walking through a similar path blending a restrained Death-Metal attack with guttural vocalisations along with electronic sounds and symphonic orchestrations and although some songs reveal signs of promise and creativity, the album on the whole lacks some cohesion and focus.
Though “Out of Control” is well produced and well executed, and there’s an understandable effort from the band to infuse the songs with some identifiable traits and diverse dynamics, the outcome result unfortunately ends up sounding way too generic and synthetic. There’s precious little here that could distinguish them from the hundreds of groups competing for a spotlight position in the underground.
Well, perhaps their future recordings could benefit from the input of an outside producer since it was front-man Sergey Priest that produced, mixed and mastered the whole record. Sometimes it’s important to have someone from the outside that can look at the songs with a certain distance to trim down some superfluous material and enhance potentially rich arrangements. (4.5/10)

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