Phobia - 22 Random Acts of Violence

Perhaps for Grindcore enthusiasts Phobia really need no introduction considering they’re one of biggest and most revered bands spreading aural havoc around the world under the flag of Grind nowadays.
Meanwhile, for those unacquainted with Phobia’s wrecking sonority, it should suffice to say the US quartet plays a blend of Grind-Crust music pioneered by bands like Napalm Death circa “Utopia Banished” that is utterly vicious, abrasive and downright nasty, yet it equally retains a level of catchiness and immediate impact that should appeal to fans of new-school Grind of Nasum and Pig Destroyer.
Although “22 Random Acts of Violence” doesn’t surpass their incredible strong debut for Willowtip Records entitled “Cruel”, it’s nevertheless a strong work with most songs barely reaching the one-minute mark. Like its title suggests, there are 22 bursts of violent and savage Grind played at highly frenzied speeds that last no more than 29 minutes. Things cannot get anymore abrasive and compact than this that’s for sure and although some of the songs tend to sound a bit undistinguishable from each other, Phobia expertly throw in slight variances in tempo and riffs that add more interest and impact to the overall outcome. That said, there are a handful of songs that stand out like the chugging force of opener “Bring the War”, the Hardcore fury of “Protest/Solution” and “Depression Is A Killer” with its brief glimpse of melody-driven Punk.
The production work courtesy of John Haddad (Intronaut, Abysmal Dawn) could have been a bit better, the bass lines of new member Leon del Muerte (not his real name I’m sure) are practically inaudible and the insane drumming of Danny Walker sounded a lot more sick and smacking on previous work with Scott Hull from Pig Destroyer handling the soundboard.
Still, “22 Random Acts of Violence” doesn’t disappoint the more avid fans of Phobia and Grindcore in general since it displays 22 moments of pure aural destruction.

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