Requiem Laus - The Eternal Plague

With a 15 year history behind them, Requiem Laus are one of the longest bands running in Portugal nowadays, yet “The Eternal Plague” is only their debut record released early this year by French label 666Production. So Requiem Laus don’t like to rush things over and that’s perfectly audible while listening to “The Eternal Plague”, an accomplished and well-crafted work brooding with predominance over Death-Metal terrains and occasionally revealing some inclinations towards Doom and Black-Metal as well. It’s a bit complicated to mention some reference points since Requiem Laus have a sound that although it’s not overly original it doesn’t stand behind the shadows of a particular group or influence. Sometimes they shred in a Bolt Thrower-like manner like in the opening theme “Am I Not Mercyful?” and “Perception”, both showcasing a fierce Death-Metal intensity, other times their approach is mellower and more symphonic recalling the Greeks Septic Flesh like in “Silently…Death Leads”. Some of these themes show promise and creativity, but “The Eternal Plague” on the whole suffers from the lack of some truly memorable material and a certain focus to set them apart from the numerous groups struggling for recognition in the underground.
Nevertheless, it’s an interesting first work that will grant Requiem Laus the necessary know-how to improve their song writing skills on future works.

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