Crowpath - One With Filth

It’s not easy to review a record like “One with Filth” that’s granted, since it’s definitely not a sound for all stomachs. If you’ve not heard Crowpath before, be advised that it may take you a few listens to fully grasp the sonic maelstrom unfolded by these Swedes, but be careful because repeated exposures to their musical schizophrenia might represent a serious hazard to your mental health, no kidding.
Although Crowpath’s violent, corrosive and disconcerting sonority reveals some obvious influences from such disparate acts like Today is the Day, Brutal Truth, Skitsystem and Eyehategod it’s extremely difficult to categorise their sound, there are elements of Grind, Death, Sludge and Punk tossed around within their songs that make it hard to guess where exactly the quartet are coming from.
These elements are meshed together with such a ruthless attitude and corrosive intent that will knock you senseless. For example, the raucous opener and title-theme sees Crowpath assaulting the nerves with violent, hacksaw-type riffing and crusty and throat-shredding grunts, while the following song “Where Dolls Do Sin” incorporates slower and Sludgy riffs amidst an atmosphere of caustic and disturbing chaos.
There’s nothing flashy about this release, no glowing melodies, no overly technical details, no clever studio tricks, just a soundtrack that would perfectly reflect the filthy, decayed and rotten society we currently live in and seriously makes the definition of the word “corrosive” in desperate need of rewriting. (7/10)

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