Heavenwood - Cine Teatro de Corroios

2008.11.29 - Heavenwood + Hyubris
Cine Teatro de Corroios
Given that it’s been like seven years or something since Heavenwood last played in Lisbon, one would have expected the Cine-Teatro in Corroios to be more crowded, but I guess the torrential rains that have been falling all night must have frightened some of the group’s followers.
Nevertheless, the couple of hundreds that filled the venue gave an enthusiastic and warmth welcome back to the northern band to these shores and in return Heavenwood corresponded with an outstanding performance.
Seeing it was the official release show of “Redemption”, the majority of tonight’s set is obviously comprised of themes from their recently released third-full length work and it was a splendid surprise to hear they work marvellously well on a live environment.
Opening with album’s first song “13th Moon”, Heavenwood successfully manages to captivate the audience with their mesmerizing blend of dark moods and glimmering melodies with guitarist Ricardo Dias’ skilful and involving playing being the focus of attention. “Me and You” follows next and while for the most part of the set Ricardo Dias’ melodic singing contrasts nicely with Ernesto Guerra’s mournful growls, there are few moments where the guitarist still sounds a bit unease with that role.
The inclusion of some old favourites like “Rain of July” and “Emotional Wound” into the set garners a strong crowd reaction and makes of tonight a triumphant return.
Supporters Hyubris gave an enjoyable performance with their Folk-inspired Metal for a portion of the set, but on the whole it proved to be overly exaggerated and theatrically.