Maruta - In Narcosis

There’s no major surprise lurking around Maruta’s debut work “In Narcosis”, it’s a release we’ve grown to expect from the Willowtip industries in the last few years, a full-on Grindcore assault similar in style to the recent works of Phobia and Kill the Client.
Likewise their label mates, Maruta lean on a breathless and abrasive Grindcore style, occasionally throwing out a few dynamics in the shape of slower, filthy, quirky and dissonant riffs to avoid their first full-length work from being coined as unidimensional and monotonous like a good percentage of Grindcore acts have a tendency to fall in.
It’s incredible how a three-piece from Miami-US, made up of a vocalist, a guitarist and a drummer can create such sonic chaos throughout 32 intense and vitriolic minutes, practically devoid of any sense of harmony or clemency. Vocalist Mitchell Luna sways between rabid screams and deep growls like a deranged lunatic, drummer Nick Augusto provides the usual deathly fast blastbeats with steady precision and guitarist Eduardo Borja alternates between incisive, sharp and more technical and byzantine riffs sporadically revealing a fixation towards a genre like mathcore.
Ultimately, it’s nothing new or wholly original, yet their capacity to play at maximum speed with relentless aggression in some moments and then inflict a punishing slow riffing in other moments is downright addictive and should appeal to fans of Brutal Truth, Nasum and Kill the Client.

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