Noctem | New album details unveiled.

Spanish Death-Black metallers Noctem will shortly begin the recordings of their debut full-length album "Divinity", tentatively due in April or May 2009.
According to the band, the album will “…contain 11 tracks based in the story of the disappeared Atlantis from a dark and subjective point of view, speaking about its blood's desire in the battle, the darkest rituals for reaching the immortality or its society based in a polytheistic theocracy with longings of glory.”

“Divinity” will feature guest appearances from Christos Antoniou of Septicflesh and Chaostar and Leal from Forever Slave and has the following track-list:

01-Atlas Death
02-In the Path of Heleim
03-Realms in Decay
04-The Sanctuary
05-The Call of Oricalco's Horn
06-Across Heracles Towards
07-In the Aeons of Time
08-Necropolis of Esthar's Ruins
10-Religious Plagues
11-Under Seas of Silence

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