Assassinner – Other Theories of Crime

It’s rare to be confronted with a fairly good production on a recent Thrash-Metal release, especially if we’re talking about the very first recordings of an upstart band like Assassinner. The choice of Daniel Cardoso (Head Control System, Heavenwood, Ava Inferi, etc) for producer has definitely benefited the songs with a crunchy edge and a rich clarity.
Assembled a mere two years ago from the ashes of crossover act Strain, this three-piece from Oporto power away a punchy and straightforward Thrash-Metal that brings to mind the heydays of groups like Method of Destruction, Sacred Reich and Cryptic Slaughter.
On the three themes found on “Other Theories of Crime”, the Portuguese collective reveals to be a talented group using their technical expertise to blend catchy, Thrash-laced riffs with intense and furious Hardcore rhythms and anger-filled, shouty vocalizations that, although slightly monotonic, sound totally appropriated for such full-on metal racket.
It’s far from perfect, some arrangements seem to be far too stripped and lacking a more cerebral structuring, like for instance the third song “Dream Murder Song”. Despite featuring the intimidating voice of Sofia Loureiro from We Are The Damned, it showcases a mosh-core chugging that sounds pretty generic and uninspired.
Nevertheless, the two remaining songs “No Further Questions” and “I Against All” definitely displays some promise, both bursting into an aggressive, catchy riffing tailored for maximum kick on a live ambient.

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